Herpes dating herpes valtrex md

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She completed her residency at the Eastern Virginia Medical School in 2010, where she received the Most Outstanding Resident award.The herpes virus is incurable, however, an infected person can live and lead a normal life As the symptoms that come with the disease can be controlled and treated with proper medication.Everyone has a physical issues to deal with, and yours just happens to be herpes.The best way to make peace with the virus is to accept that it's part of you and get comfortable managing it to improve your quality of life. Windham is a Board Certified Obstetrician & Gynecologist in Tennessee.And if they have the same type of the virus as you, they can’t get “reinfected,” Dr. (The herpes virus stays in a person’s body even after symptoms have subsided.) You could start the conversation by mentioning cold sores, then move into the subject of genital herpes.

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Windham is a Board Certified Obstetrician & Gynecologist in Tennessee.

“There are so many lawsuits of people suing someone else for giving them herpes,” says Warren, also the founder of Westover Research Group in Portland, Oregon. “You are more likely to have a positive reception to that news if you have built some sort of relationship.

If you tell too early and there’s no reason for this person to be invested in you, then you may get a negative response very quickly,” she says.

“It can be a very difficult conversation to have, but you should be honest and straightforward,” says Dr. RELATED: The Right Way to Tell Someone You Have an STI, According to Experts It also helps to know a little about how HSV works when you talk to a partner about the infection.

Getting the details from your doctor first may be helpful, says Dr.

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