Gretchen dating slade smiley

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So, that was good but then I found out like a week later that she was talking shit about Slade again to one of my friends.” Gretchen doesn’t want to have issues with Kelly but is sad that she keeps having issues with Slade when he’s never done anything to her.

TELL US – DO YOU WANT SLADE AND GRETCHEN BACK ON REALITY TV?You know, according to all of my previous cast members, it was fake for TV and all that bullshit.” She says “we’ve known each other for 18 years, we’ve been together for 10 years.” She then launched into a long list of the A-list stars who are divorcing and admits that she’s afraid of cursing the relationship with a wedding.Gretchen doesn’t want to jeopardize their “great and amazing relationship.” She thinks they’ll be like “Goldie and Kurt or Oprah and Stedman” and just be okay with it.So, it really kind of starts to erode away the true reality of what’s happening because you have these people that are just so desperate at times.Here’s the sad thing, too: they’re easily replaced because there’s somebody right behind you willing to say something, cause controversy or make something up.

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