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At the same time, you need to find designers, developers. "So money was less important than knowledge and [to avoid] the typical problems."Lumen too was born out of the "knowledge" they had: as with the others, data showed a need.

The over-50 market was “a huge amount of people that nobody paid attention to. We see the needs,” explained Andreev, “and now we have a solution.”Every app has to cater to its particular demographic, and to the different national markets it steps into, but developers also notice different dynamics about how they are used by that market.

In Lumen, for instance, the users are largely more straightforward and the matches more precise.

If there are any other apps planned for particular demographics, Andreev remains tightlipped, but suggests there are other projects upcoming.

The app was proposed by gay staff members at the company and given the green light by Andreev after he heard their request for something a bit different from Scruff and Grindr.

Pedro Mejuto, head of product strategy, was one of the employees who brought the idea of Chappy to Andreev.

It was the first freemium dating site and the team behind it have stayed in the game ever since.

So it’s no surprise that he ended up looking into creating new apps – Bumble, optimised for women; Chappy, optimised for gay men; Lumen, optimised for over-fifties – and now he faces his biggest task. These dicks are both figurative and literal: even in Bumble, in which women have the power to start conversations, some men still feel obliged to send unsolicited dick pics to all and sundry.“Whatever we do, we don't have 20,000 employees here. “But it would be a little niche.”As well as increased security for users across the board, the apps are focused on making sure your data is protected – even from the apps themselves.We have a limited number of people, but it's an efficient team. If it's a niche, a big niche, not a little niche, then we'll build something: Chappy is a good example. But somebody asked me, ' Can we do a dating app for tall people? “If you're having a conversation, no one is checking it unless you flag it,” said Norris."It's important to understand the importance of the product," he explained."If you have all the marketing [but] no product all of your users will leak." There doesn't seem to be an exodus from the apps quite yet: Andreev is invited to weddings two or three times a week by people who used Bumble to find the one.

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