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While the wound may not be visible, it can produce an odor and it is important for visitors to know that the wound is being cared for, not neglected or ignored.

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Every patient's case is slightly different, and a wound care specialist may be called in to provide assistance.

It is also advisable to prepare friends and family members when they visit the patient so they know what to expect and are not startled by the patient's declining health.

Along the way, it causes necrosis or tissue death, usually leading to inflammation and infection.

Our experience with Fundation can be summed up as excellent.

Skilled nursing care paired with appropriate mental health interventions can help cancer patients in the end stages of their lives.

When a fungating wound develops, patients should talk to their doctors about options for managing and treating the injury.

The entire experience was simple and easy to understand.

My customer service contact was pleasant and maintained great communication.

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