Facebook ads dating sites

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The service will also support groups and events for meeting up with other singles.Facebook enforces strict rules on the types of dating websites that they will advertise on their platform, which means that targeting Facebook’s huge audience of people looking for dates and hook-ups can be challenging.Posting and interacting with the members of such pages will allow you to build a community reputation, which will in turn give you the chance to carefully share links to your website without being open about the fact that it is yours.

Learn how to use Facebook to send traffic to your dating website, without getting banned!Ensuring that your cloaking page fits the rules for Facebook’s dating ads is vital, otherwise you will not even get approval in the first place!• Always keep in mind Facebooks rules for dating sites, and ensure that you do not mention or imply anything relating to cheating, casual sex, hook-ups and so on. The world’s largest social network last week said that it will launch a dating service that will allow the 200 million Facebook users on the service who classify themselves as “single” to find a partner.Speaking to developers at his company’s F8 conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the dating service will focus on “real long-term relationships” and not just “hookups.” But in light of Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, which saw data on millions of its users unwittingly transferred to third-parties, you might be wondering whether any of your activity on the dating site—content that might be best-suited for the two people involved in the possible relationship—would be used by the social network.

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