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Such a negative experience would only strengthen the association between fear and the setting that provokes it.

Therefore, it is important to follow your plan exactly, without skipping steps.

“Cognition” is simply any mental process that we have involving knowledge, attitude, emotion, belief, or behavior.

“Dissonance” is a term borrowed from music, meaning the grating together of two conflicting, incompatible notes.

This two-part series of articles describes what Exposure Therapy is, and offers tips to make your Exposure Therapy successful.Avoidance does provide temporary relief from anxiety, but it never lasts.There’s always a new situation that requires some sort of negotiation with your anxious fears, causing you to once again use avoidance as your first line of defense.One of the key components of the Anxiety Disorders is the tendency to avoid the situations, thoughts, and objects that trigger anxiety.This avoidance builds upon itself: real things that cause anxiety are avoided, then more related real things are avoided, then imaginary things related to the real things, then imaginary things related to the imaginary things — until your life is a minefield of things to be avoided.

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