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This doesn’t mean you need to have a screaming session from the highest building you can find. Maybe you want to hook up with your best friend for a girls night out?What it mean is you shouldn’t be afraid to let your grief out in a reasonable manner. Just take action to keep on moving and get out there into the world so you have the chance to move on.

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Your pace will be your pace and essentially you’re stuck with it.

This strong signal tells you straight up the hurtful way that the two of you are finished. In the best case scenario, it’s tough to be civil with your ex when you talk because emotions are on red alert and you are both hurting.

Doesn’t matter who did the official breaking up because people don’t go into a relationship hoping it doesn’t work out.

If your ex happens to be rude, angry or just plain mean whenever you talk, it means that he has healed enough to know what he wants and that is not you.

As much as that hurts, you need to take it for what it’s worth and find your new path to move forward positively.

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