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Many dating sites as well as live sex cam sites have an affiliate program.

People join the affiliate program and promote the site and earn a commission when an action takes place.

Assuming they don’t re-bill your credit card without your permission you’re going to loose a months subscription which may be around (USD).

If a site’s branding is hardcore or explicit in both visual and text you should be on your guard.

If you agreed to a webcam meeting using a tool such a Google Hangouts it will expose your email address and that may connect them to a Google Plus, Facebook or Linkedin account.

A genuine single female is highly unlikely to join such a site.

Your next step should be to read the terms and conditions.

So the scam is very simple, they ask you to join another site which they claim they use.

You will not loose money but remember the person who is asking you to join another site is a career criminal, they are not a single person looking for a relationship. Sextortion is blackmail with the threat of sharing your erotic pictures.

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