Dhcp not updating dns linux

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server1 IN A Lets’s “decipher” these entries @ means this zone SOA: The SOA record stores information about the name of the server that supplied the data for the zone root.

(don’t forget period at the end) is mail address resposibile person for zone (although it dosen’t seems as e-mail address),remeber @ means “this zone in this case 🙂 2015052601 is serial zone number.

dhcp not updating dns linux-81

dhcp not updating dns linux-36

dhcp not updating dns linux-84

dhcp not updating dns linux-17

#authoritative; # Use this to send dhcp log messages to a different log file (you also # have to hack to complete the redirection).

# Hosts for which fixed IP addresses have been specified can boot using # BOOTP or DHCP.

Hosts for which no fixed address is specified can only # be booted with DHCP, unless there is an address range on the subnet # to which a BOOTP client is connected which has the dynamic-bootp flag # set.

host fantasia # You can declare a class of clients and then do address allocation # based on that.

The example below shows a case where all clients # in a certain class get addresses on the /24 subnet, and all # other clients get addresses on the 10.0.29/24 subnet.

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