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Many have seen results and seemingly insurmountable circumstances turning around for good. True and unrepentable givers in churches or places around the world don't complain abt giving. Moreover who told you Oyedepo amass offerings for himself(see ignorance).Do you think the church leadership is made of touts? Educated, highly profile individual and men with the fear of God.

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Any post...their fingers are quick to type abusive and insulting statements.

The best tennis players are those with excellent attack AND DEFENCE (you need footwork here). i realy dont like the way Nadal is playing today, kinda making lots of mistakes and staying on the line too often. i wanna see how it ends, cant bear to see Nadal out so early! some really good tennis i have not seen in a long time. i hope i am just imagining things in my head or just too much movies.

davidylan:then you havent been watching any tennis. Nadal is injured from the first set yet he is still playing strong, he is one set up but that lanky Del of a guy is pushing him hard . And kind of wondering why no one is celebrating Fathers Day!

your illiterates give birth to thousands in poverty, poverty is ravaging over a 100 million, yet you would add to it terrorism?! The letter read in part “we give the school authorities till end of this month or before the beginning of Ramadan to release you all, if not something very bad will happen”.

co.wards shouting on blogs and doing nothing about its leadership. Though the authenticity of the letter cannot be verified, the University of Maiduguri authorities is not willing to take any chances.

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