Dating site for quiet people

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I would have stuttered and stammered and tried to think of anything to say that wasn’t the truth.And while online dating as a whole has largely lost its stigma in the last few years, I’ve shed my own, too.I couldn’t speak loud enough for people to hear me and any time the attention was on me, I did whatever I could to deter it.I was so scared of being knocked down that couldn’t bear to show myself.I would turn into this sweaty, stiff creature who couldn’t do anything but violently fold a cocktail straw into a sharp looking figurine. But everything changed when I realized that the better the conversation went, the more likely an in-person meeting would be suggested.“What are you doing this weekend, want to grab a drink? I could establish confidence offline and then attempt to live up to it in person.

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And no matter how much I felt like myself as I left the house, the second I sat across from someone, I could see my personality slink out the door and eventually drag me home, alone. He knew he was interested enough that he wanted to spend time in person.

And trying was just about the most embarrassing thing someone with a fear of failing could do. Living up to my jpegs, tweets, snaps, and stories was not an easy feat.

But once I started to match with people, I was brought back to that very same feeling of freedom that I first felt in AOL chat rooms. Every serious relationship I’ve had in my life came from a combination of swipes and red bubbled messages.

Even as an adult with my own computer, I was still introverted, still awkward with my hands, still funny only to my friends.

As everyone around me started to pair off, the prospect of a future alone came into focus.

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