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Click here for more information on this banjo: Additional Information Regarding Shipping and Seller I will ship to the United States only. of brackets: 30 plus tailpiece The neck is beautifully figured maple. Which as near as I can figure makes its manufacture approximately 1922 plus or minus. There is a narrow inner strip on the rim that is tortoise-shell. Which as you probably already know, actually measures 10-15/16" Lots of oxidation. VEGA TUBAPHONE BANJO MANDOLIN STYLE S- ORIGINAL CASE- Banjolin Fairbanks READY FOR USE GREAT SOUND NEEDS JUST SLIGHT TUNE UP BUT IN GREAT CONDITION COMES WITH ORIGINAL CASE DOES SHOW SIGNS OF USE REFER TO PICTURES BANJO SKIN STILL GREAT CONDITION ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT [email protected] 714-848-8402 INV#5387501LWRClick Here. The old fellow performed under the name"Aud& the Magic Banjo" He played swing jazz in all of San Diego county's finer establishments in the 30's& 40's including the Hotel Del Coronado. I will list pertinent details below: Scale length: 21" Head diameter: 11 13/16ths" Frets: 17 Brackets: 28 Maple Tu-Ba-Phone tone ring w/ tortoise shell binding top& bottom Patent pending Planet tuning machines Ebony fret board w/ pearl inlays Highly flamed maple neck Grover patent"Presto" tailpiece This is great playing& sounding instrument. It's not real noticeable but it should be mentioned. Do not purchase if you live outside the United States. The peg head appears to be ebony and has the traditional pearl torch inlay. It is really in good condition- all pieces are factory original. There is a flowery engraved silver plate on the back of the head. The case shows some wear but is in very nice shape! The numbers on the tone ring match those on the dowel stick. This a terrific banjo from an era that's long gone. The flame maple on the neck and resonator are really sweet! I have used this banjo mainly for claw hammer style playing so that is not a problem for me. Here we have a Vega Tubaphone bottom from 1927 with a more recent conversion five string neck made in the style of a Vega no. The neck is straight and true but the actual fret work itself leaves a bit to be desired above the 14th fret.

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5th tuner Peg-Good Condition- [email protected] shaft is there to obtain Knurling& is not a problem or defect. 5 Hex [email protected] hook/tension Ring are not original but Functional. I will only accept returns on this item for extreme problems(not minor blemishes etc) If seeking a return. The banjo's pot(rim) is a vintage Vega Tuba-Phone 10 15/16" rim. I just am not sure of the model# Ebony fingerboard. 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This is Deering Vega's most afforable long neck banjo. of frets: 16 o neck: highly figured maple o tuners: friction(original ivoroid) o tailpiece: no knot(original) o tone ring: Tuba-phone o head skin(new) o no. The matching serial numbers appearing on the pot and the dowel stick is 48920. I know the ferrule has been repaired because when I got it many years ago I did the work on it myself. Nothing else was done to the instrument on my watch. The case is not original but has a nice big space for the extra size of the pot. If have another preference for shipping let me know. The color trim of the banjo and back of the neck is a natural maple. The strings are really old(one is missing) and I have not had it tuned to pitch. Vintage Vega Tubaphone Tenor Banjo Serial# 60247(manufactured 1924) standard 17 fret. Head diameter is the old Vega standard eleven inch. But questions asked in the last 48 hours before the auction closes may not be answered in time, so please don't wait until the last day. FOR SALE: 1922 VEGA TUBAPHONE BANJO w/ ORIGINAL HARD SHELL CASE We just purchased this fine old banjo from the great-grandson of it's original owner. The serial number is 61146, which dates it to 1922. The original owner, our friend Aud, put his name& a number in very small print on the banjo's heel and on the tone ring. This banjo sells direct from Deering Vega for 95. The banjo comes with an original hard wire armrest. Please Note: I have a 100% favorable EBay rating and have sold numerous high value instruments from my collection both to US buyers and abroad. Please contact me by email if you have further questions. Payment and Shipping Details I will accept Paypal for payment if you are in the USA and have really good ebay feedback and a verified Paypal account. Shipping cost is 0 within the lower 48 USA via UPS ground. The serial number stamped inside the rim is 27457- as it is on the dowel. There is a signature on the back of the body(on the calfskin) but it is hard to read. The worst wear is on the first three frets from the first two pairs of strings. The case is a hard wooden case and is fairly worn- some of the black coating has rubbed off. Superb mother of pearl inlay front and back of neck. You will have to bring your own Neck, Tuners, Bridge, Tailpiece& Strings. It has a full complement of flange plates if you want to attach a resonator. Ask questions and we'll try to answer promptly. There is some fret wear, but nothing that stops it from playing well. Up for sale is an amazing Vega Tuba-Phone 4 string style M banjo from 1920. Now I'm not going to tell you that this should be your choice to crack through a bluegrass band, but if you are a player who sometimes finds himself/herself having to respond to several different musical situations and you don't want to hump more than one banjo around, you might want to seriously consider this one. I say"mainly" because occasionally I play Bluegrass on this banjo.

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