Dating on earth popcorn

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In a medium sized pot, coat the bottom with a little oil, allowing it to heat.

Add about a half cup, just enough to cover the pan of kernels, and then move the pan back and forth over the heat source.

After acquiring the data, the next step is to plot the “decay” curve of kernelite, and the “accumulation” curve of popcornium.

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Too little heat results in the corn partially steaming, producing soggy kernels instead of crunchy ones.Determining the age of the ash layer will reveal the age of the surrounding ice.Geologists take advantage of decay of natural radioactive elements to determine the age of rocks, which can help us understand earth history.The time that it takes for half of the isotope of K to form Ar is called the “half life,” which in the case of K-Ar is 1.25 billion years.By measuring the ratio of K to Ar in feldspar crystals in ash from a volcanic eruption, the age of the eruption, and therefore the age of the ice in which the ash is found, can be determined.

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