Dating nemadji pottery marks

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The visible mark is stamped in india ink colour; a circle enclosing the bust of a native american,wearing a two feather headdress, with sun shaped shield(? At first I thought this piece was a happy accident from a local slip craft shop selling to a tourist attraction but it looks too intentional. Jean========================================Hi Jean Many thanks for submitting, and hope you are finding the site useful.

This time, my knowledge has failed me, apart from the moulded vases of this marled finish (but I haven't seen this shape before) were made by Mueller (using leftover clays).

In the information sheet that accompanied their pots, Nemadji stressed that their wares were made with the same clays and shapes used by Native Americans.

The connection of this marbled style of decoration with Native American production was more assumption than fact, but Nemadji was happy to encourage the idea.

Popular for more than 70 years, Nemadji finally ceased production in 2001.

Today their pottery is plentiful and relatively inexpensive, making it easy for collectors to make groups of earthy brown, sunset red or sky blue vases.

The pieces did not have to be refired and dried quickly, creating uniquely decorated pots every time.

Nemadji was certainly not the first manufacturer who decorated pottery with a marbled effect.

It is now known that the primitive ancestors of our present Indians lived here when the great ice sheet started to melt and retreat.

It has come to be thought of by many as 'Indian pottery' although it has no connection with the Ojibway tribe.

It was originally made from clay dug from the banks of the Nemadji river. It produced floor tiles for wide distribution, mainly in the west and north-east, and decorative items intended primarily for the tourist trade.

Nemadji pottery comes from the Arrowhead region of Minnesota.

It has never actually been made by native Americans, but is said to be reminiscent of the style and colouring used by them.

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