Dating marlin 336

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The rifle was manufactured by Marlin with slight modification of their Model 336 there a few cosmetic differences in particular the sites. Your serial number indicates that your Marlin model 1893 lever action 30-30Win caliber rifle was made in the year 1904.That being said,without a detailed description of your rifles overall condition,including the amount of original finish remaining.That sounds about the right time I would have bought it. Actually, For ANY Model 336 from: 1940-1968 a letter was leading the Serial#...I would have no issue with buying another or recommending them to anyone else to purchase,everyone needs a few lever action Marlins in the gun case.I have given one to all my family members as this is my favorite rifle.I was cleaning my Marlin 336 30-30 today and I got to wondering when I bought it.

1973-2000 this is where someone would subtract the first two digits (which range from 27 to 00) from 2000 to get year of production... the first two digits (99, 98, 97 and so on) subtracted from 100 will give the 20xx date of manufacture... Disassembly instructions, company history, production date, original purchaser? If you are looking for general information then books at the library, or e Bay are available.

Recoil is low in rifles and there is very little muzzle blast, which is ideal for new shooters while the pistol caliber often means more rounds in the tube.

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Everything you now do is something you have chosen to do. But if you're over age twenty-one, your life is what you're making of it.

To change your life, you need to change your priorities. On most Marlins made from 1970 to the present you subtract the 1st 2 digits of the SN from 100 to get the date of manufacture.

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