Dating jewellery

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Their new target was handbag department stores, where handbags were personalised at the time of purchase.This business was a huge success and the Monocraft products were greatly sought after due to their superior quality and craftmanship.Here you will find history information on the well-known brand, as well as photographs of the various Monet signatures that have been used over the years that will help you date your pieces and ensure their authenticity.Dating can sometimes prove difficult and people can be misinformed with the information that where the copywriter symbol is absent from a piece it will date it pre-1955, however there are many pieces that look to have been produced in the 2000s (and possibly late 1990s?In 1937 Monet jewellery was launched and Monocraft continued as the parent company.The brothers were determined to produce finely crafted pieces with top quality materials that were affordable for all woman.My personal collection consists of many Monet pieces, some of which I will share with you.I spend more time looking for pieces to add to my Monet collection than any other designer items and I am always happy to be on the search for customers looking for specific items that they desire, so if you are in need of assistance in this area do not hesitate to contact me.

Monet has become one of the most sought after designers for Vintagecuff.

From simple classic designs to intricate statement pieces, Monet takes you from day to evening and everything in between.

However, the difference I have found with Monet from the early years, compared to other designer brands, is that majority of their pieces were made solely of plated metal without the use of "gem" embellishments, a fact that some collectors would suggest make their items less collectable.

In November 1985 Monet became part of the Crystal Brands Apparel Group along with two apparel lines that were not profitable.

In order to increase profits the head of the company purchased two costume jewellery lines from Hallmark, they were Trifari and Marvella and the three companies went on to become one of the largest costume jewellery makers in the world.

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