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For your own good, try never to be confused by the bureaucracy in a public office, and never, ever get stuck with your car on the side of the road. Sources disagree, but I read that it’s one of the hardest in Europe, and possibly in the world.In a way, it’s a very encouraging learning environment. It’s estimated that a person needs about 4 years of study to reach fluency (and I am not studying).Granted, Prague is a wonderful place to live in (and one of the main tourist destinations in Europe) and I don’t regret at all my decision. That’s why I decided to write this post which will be a bit more silly than the rest of the stories I publish on this blog.Hope is, this may help others to adapt more easily when moving to a different country.Arranging an appointment or a date is a challenge, since you have to learn even the names of the week days and the months from scratch.Your only hope for help is if you speak Polish or Slovak, and that’s not exactly helping my case here. Czech traditional cuisine is like other parts of the culture: rich, solid, intimidating. Bara, my wife, has approximately half my body mass.

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Which means, more “pure” and with less foreign interferences.And the nature is also really diverse, peaceful and beautiful. The average Czech you meet in the street will most likely be in a great hurry to be somewhere else than in your presence (see point #7, below), and will look like they just had a very bad day.Seriously, plan a trip to explore Czech Republic outside Prague, when you have a chance. Even if it’s early in the morning – maybe even worse.“Full of bad drinks” surely indicates that the wolf is not Czech. 4) Eating & Drinking habits can be equally intense. Be warned when you accept an invitation to go to sauna, for example. My friends here have absolutely no problem at all getting naked for a quick swim in the local river or lake, even with people having their picnics all around. If I can imagine a scale going from total prudishness to absolute love for nudity, it would probably look like this: And I was thinking to be more or less in a comfortable middle position.Czech Republic is famous for its beer, and rightly so. They seem to be the biggest beer drinkers in the whole world (followed by the Seychelles. What else are you supposed to do, if you live on a paradise island? A Czech drinks an average of 142 litres of beer in a year, which makes for almost a pint a day, each day, for every man, woman or child living in the country. This helps to put a lot of things in context, for example the first time I met my father-in-law, and we all ended up totally drunk, having dinner. In most places it’s actually forbidden to enter with your swimming suit on! But actually, I still feel terribly embarassed about that one time I had to take a swim in my underwear… Now that’s worrying, when talking about Central Europe.

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