Dating gide candlesticks

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Through these two components, we can see at a glance the opening price, closing price, highest and lowest prices of the market for that period.

The main body of the candle shows us the opening price and closing price for the period, as well as the direction of the market for that specific time.

If its an hourly chart, each candle represents one hour of trading, a 5-minute chart means each candle is 5 minutes and so on.

Whether you are new to trading or not, you have probably seen those stock photos of someone sitting in front of a screen full of charts that accompany every article about trading.However, with hollow candles, more information can be extracted quicker as there more setups to watch. As you can see from above, a candle gives you the high, low, open, close and market direction in an easy-to-read, visual form.However, their usefulness is not in what an individual candlestick can do, but the patterns that they form and the information that can be used from them.But have you ever looked at those charts and wondered what it all means?There are many forms of charts, but probably the most commonly used are candlestick charts generally consisting of red and green rectangles that look similar to a box and whisker plot.

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