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With his ex-wife and daughters in London, he immerses himself in his work and lives for the little time he can spend with his children.A rising star at her teaching hospital, it leaves Stephanie Lawrence no time for her young family.One or more of her novels have been on the New York Times bestseller list for over 390 consecutive weeks and twenty-one of them have been adapted for television.Steel started writing stories as a child, and by her late teens had begun writing poetry.

She has also written the "Freddie" books, four of them, about real-life situations in children's lives, like a visit to the doctor and the first night away from home.

These exceptional doctors are chosen for a unique project: to work with their counterparts in Paris in a mass-casualty training programme.

But after an unspeakable act of mass violence, their temporary life becomes a stark turning point: a time to make hard choices - with consequences that will last a lifetime.

A graduate of the Lycee Francais de New York, class of 1965, she went on to study at New York University and in Europe.

At age nineteen she completed her first novel and was first published after years of frustration in 1973.

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