Dating english registration marks

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While the majority of registered designs were indeed taken out by English manufacturers, some were registered by foreign companies or their agents.

Hence one should not simply assume that all objects bearing this device are automatically of English manufacture, in fact that actually explains why this page is included on a website featuring German and related marks: some German manufacturers indeed registered designs in England, thus one may sooner or later stumble across the one or other German item with such a registration mark.

In both cases the clerks simply forgot to change the letters.

Exceptions (1868-1883): Between the 1st and 6th of March 1878 the letter 'W' was used for the year instead of 'D' and 'G' was used for the month in place of 'W' as the clerks had confused the respective year/month codes.

Also make sure to check the two exception warnings placed below which should at least show that the system was not foolproof.

Exceptions (1841-1867): In the year 1857 the letter 'R' was used between 1st and 19th of September, during 1860 the letter 'K' was used between 3rd and 31st of December.

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In the pictures shown here, the placeholders used are P for package number, Y for the year, M for the month and D for the day of registration.

Illustrated below are the two forms of Design Registration Mark or Kite Mark used between the years – 1842 to 1883.

The left hand image demonstrates a design registration mark for 12th November 1852 (K for November and D for 1852).

The right hand image demonstrates a design registration mark for 22nd October 1875 (B for October and S for 1875).

For the purposes of dating antiques, the bundle code does not matter.

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