Dating a college athlete

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To be honest, I wasn’t even sure he was going to show up.

He called me 5 minutes before he was arriving at a parking lot we had planned to meet at before we went on a run around Duke.

Thankfully they were super accepting and understanding, even though lots of awkward conversations and tears were exchanged.” And that first person he came out to was Brad—who he’d known from athletic competitions—and they’ve now been dating for two years.

A unique aspect or quality of our relationship is that we are much more than just friends, best friends, or even boyfriend and girlfriend.

“Telling one person led to another and another, eventually leading up to my parents.

Telling them was the hardest thing I’ve done in my life.

If it wasn’t for our strong communication and ability to be fully transparent with each other, I strongly believe that there is no way we would still be together or on the path toward marriage.

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