Dating a borderline girl

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Small issues, yes, but they seemed like the entire world to me; she would forget to text me in the morning, and I would convince myself that she hated me.

We would get into a small argument, and my anger would be so real and palpable that momentarily, it would consume me– but then an hour later she would tell me that she loved me, and I would melt back into contentment.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for narcissistic men to gravitate to BPD women, because each disorder serves the other, says Freed.“The borderline patient's overt vulnerability confirms the narcissist’s power, which typically is his driving concern, even if he rarely talks about it,” he says.

“Going out with a borderline can be exhilarating for these men because their partner becomes focused on them, jealously asking, ‘Where were you last night? ’ On the surface, there's a lot of fighting and friction, but underneath they are being paid much attention, which is intensely reassuring to a narcissistic character.

Throughout the majority of my high school career, I was holistically and deeply consumed by the experience of my first love.

Everything was new to me, and the world of dating was unfounded territory that I had only previously dangled a foot into before quickly retreating – and when it first began, it was absolutely thrilling.

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On the surface, the attraction can look like run-of-the-mill infatuation.Or consider the complex and glamorous young Glenn Close, when she first walks on screen in Fatal Attraction.Or Angelina Jolie’s fragile and terrifying mental patient in Girl, Interrupted.Note: Details of the Mike-Elizabeth relationship have been changed to preserve anonymity.Chaos can have a bewitching allure, particularly when it comes in the form of a whip-smart, dead-sexy woman with ferocious impulses, deep emotional scars and no real sense of self. Think Marilyn Monroe, a sex bomb who cloaked her own psychic wounds in breathy splendor while, privately, teetering on the edge of oblivion.

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