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For this album she did a song with Jason Mraz called Lucky which is a Sickeningly Sweethearts song mentioned on it's trope page. Sometime during this she ultimately broke up with Ky (A guy mentioned in her Thanks You's in Coco and Breakthrough).

Colbie Marie Calliat, born May 28 1985, is a Grammy winning acoustic pop star who knows the ukelele, the guitar and the piano.

She came to popularity and mainstream consciousness in 2007 off the back of the song called "Bubbly".

She's known for pouring her heart into her work, really working hard on her stage presence and being cute and "Bubbly".

The collection of songs is the common Christmas bunch, spun in different directions with unique instrumentation and tempo.

Caillat’s cover of “Merry Christmas Baby” is particularly unconventional with the added country twang of Brad Paisley’s vocals instead of the usual R&B style the song necessitates.

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