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Persons Transplanted in Ireland in 1G53 and 1G54 ...

Inrolments of the Connaught Certificates to the Pei'sons Transplanted ...

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The Grand Jury of Galway refused to find a similar verdict, and were in consequence summoned to the Court of Castle Chamber, and sentenced to pay a fine of £4,000 each, to the Crown. And there were no Transplanters from the Province of Connaught, nor from the county of Clare ; for, it was in Connaught and the county of Clare, that the Forfeiting Proprietors of the other Provinces! Athy (in some printed State Papers this name is incorrectly given as " Athboy"), 4. But we are bound to say that some of the Subscribers were pleased to send us subscriptions larger than those which they requested us to insert after their names ; while some Friends have requested to appear on the List as "Anonymous" ; and others have sent us Donations, with the request that their names or donations should not be published. From that period down to the end of the reign of Henry VIII, there were seventy-eight such migrations.— See p. 1636 ; Mac Firbis, to 1666 ; and O'Ferrall's Lbiea Antigua, to 1708, it is only in a few cases that, in any of those great works, the localliy of any representative of an Irish family living at those respective periods is mentioned : possibly, because under the Laws of Tanistry the locality in which was situate each family patrimony in Ireland was in those times well known. 115, and whose Title is " Forfeiting Proprietors, Listed," gives the counties, baronies, and in most cases the localities in which resided the Irish Landed Gentry whose Estates were then confiscated ; but, unfortunately, the names of the Lauded Gentry whose Estates were confiscated in the counties! 123 ; together with two other Volumes which are also deposited in the Public Record Office, Dublin, and there respectively marked I. And, because in the Penal days of Ireland Catholic Spain generously afforded a friendly asylum to many of our then exiled countrymen, we also forwarded for the acceptance of King Alfonso another copy of that Work ; in pp. To Mac Firbis, however, we may look, so far as their genealogies are contained in his book, for the lineal representatives of the Irish, Anglo-Irish, and Anglo-Norman families living when the Estates of the Irish " Papist Proprietors " and of the Irish " Delinquent Protestants "* were confiscated, under the Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland. however, which are now deposited in the Public Record Office, Dublin (and which through the kind per- mission of the amiable Sir Samuel Ferguson, Q. 233 of this Volume), which is marked in the Public Record Office I. of Carlow, Wicklow, Clare, Galway, Roscommon, Leitrim, and part of the counties of Mayo and Sligo, are not included in that Volume. 56 on the said Catalogue (whose Title is '' Transplanters' Cer- tificates," and) which is marked I. 44-45 of which is given the lineal descent of the Spanish Royal Family down to King Philip V. Inrolments of the Certificates for Adventurers, Soldiers, etc.. Instructions of Charles II., to His Commissioners, in Ireland ...

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