Best self updating calendar business networking

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I've rounded up some of the best of the bunch, focusing on calendars that pack a lot of style without sacrificing features to see how they measure up to Google Calendar.

But let's start off with the newest addition first.

When you launch the app, it automatically jumps to today's agenda, which shows all of your events and tasks in a chronological list.

This is different from other calendar apps, which show an hourly timeline with blocks of time shaded for each appointment.

Some time ago, Google released its calendar app for i Phone, something Android users have been able to use for a long time.

Loved by many, the app has undergone a few redesigns over its lifespan on Android, but the i OS version matches up almost exactly to the current experience on Android.

What's not: The monthly view is almost useless, as it doesn't show if you have any appointments scheduled on each day.

The i OS calendar app, while simple and easy to use, doesn't give you many options to personalize it.Whether Cal's layout works for you or not is a matter of personal preference, but I find it easy to use.The only downside to Cal is the monthly view -- it's not informative, and you can't tell by just glancing at the screen how many events you have, or when they are.That makes scheduling a new event tough, because you have to tap each day to see your schedule. What's great: The app's design is impressive, and the layout makes it easy to see what's on your agenda.What's not: There's no weekly view, and adding new events could be a lot more fluid.

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