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Research has shown that the only thing worse than a bad profile picture is no photo at all.

A lack of photos instantly alienates a huge amount of online daters because it makes them question why you want to hide the way you look.

If you want someone to get a true indication of your character it is important that it’s captured through good profile pictures.

With the help of expert photographer Toby Aiken, we have compiled a step-by-step guide to ensure your online presence consists of flattering photos that accentuate your best side, so that people can get to know the real you online.

Aiken advises; ’If you go for a shot in your lounge, make sure the background is relatively tidy – we’re not talking catalogue shoot clean, but just take a look and maybe tidy that pile of washing you were meaning to deal with and make sure the curtains are straight.’ You don’t want your dirty laundry to take the focus off you after all. Busy patterns can complicate the image and detract the attention from you.

Aiken suggests that color blocking can be very effective and bright colors are also a good way to maintain focus. Choose one bold item and stick with that (women – red clothing tends to be most eye catching to men).

The few that do find it attractive who subsequently get in touch with you are probably not people you want to be dating.

Equally, sunglasses, hats, & other people in your photo are also profile picture no-nos. As Aiken advises, ’the single most important thing in a portrait photo is that the focus should be on the eyes.

Aiken recommends being photographed in your house or garden because it’s somewhere where you feel relaxed and this will show in your picture.Good profile pictures aptly tell your story; they enable your personality and interests to shine through.When done properly they are a very good way to attract the type of people you want to be meeting; like-minded, intelligent individuals.That way you’ll attract the kind of people you want to. But how do you make them both memorable and flattering?Follow our six step guide, compiled together with Toby Aiken. Get comfortable The best photos are those which look natural.

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