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For example, in the _View Imports.cshtml, you’ll need to change the Tag Helpers and namespaces: While you should look at all your views for changes in namespaces, one of the key changes in the validation summary. Make sure you search and replace the name spaces in the views too.Sometimes not enough time is allowed for the user to login, maybe a 2FA login is required or something which takes time to complete.Try increasing the Remote Authentication Timeout value to allow more time if this is causing the Correlation exceptions. Last thing once the project is building is to fix the migrations. It’s not worth trying to fix the migrations, easier to delete them and recreate them. First, change the framework to the new naming style. Enviroment Variables in configuration is now in a separate nuget package).The Callback Path path is set to match the App configuration in the Azure AD app registration.Troubleshooting Correlation Exceptions When the Application is deployed, sometimes you will start receiving Correlation Exceptions which are caused for a number of different reasons and can be difficult to figure out why it worked in dev, but not in the deployment.

If you have more than one, this is difficult to get the multiple stages you might have.The email scope is requested and this is then mapped to the name property which can be accessed easily in the Http Context object.The Prompt property can be used to force a login, or the consent screen.This is because any AAD or live account can be used here, and so the Issuer will always be different.If you know or want to allow only specific AAD tenants etc, then you should validate this.

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