Aol mail not updating on droid

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If you are using Outlook/Yahoo, you can check do you have the correct port setting: Click Here For Port setting Another way to solve this problem is by setting up your email account again. To reset up your email account: After resetting all settings and your Mail app is still not working, you can restore your i Phone 7 Plus or i Pad Pro as new using i Tunes but make sure that you have a backup first to avoid any data loss.If you have not updated your i Device’s operating system to the latest versions, problems like email app not working can occur.Make sure that you are connected to Wi-Fi network or to your cellular network. The most common way of fixing apps that are not working is by closing and opening the app.This solution is applied to crashing and bugged apps and you can also fix email app not working by doing this method.Apple releases updates that can fix minor errors and bugs.To check for the latest update: If this solution is not helpful, check the next method.I have an Android Phone and I cannot receive aol mail on it anymore. I haven't changed my user name, password or e-mail address.Verizon cannot help me until I get the Protocol info, server info, Port Number, Encryption type for them to help me. The steps may be slightly different as I did it for my T-Mobile G2, but the info will all be the same. When I go into my e-mail icon, it says, choose a mail provider, then there are 2 lines: Exchange Active/Sync and Other (pop3/imap). When I woke this morning, I turned on my phone and couldn't receive any of my e-mail, like I have been.

The phone tells me it can not authenticate my account, yet I can log online. Will I have to cancel my account and enter it again? I'm at wits end right now, I use my phone for work, and must receive my mail at all times.

To close the Mail app: If the basic solution did not work, you can try the next methods.

Another simple way of fixing the email app not working problem is by restarting your i Device.

I'll try deleting the account and re-entering it again.

If I re-enter, I will need all the info you have given me to re-enter my e-mail, all the server info and everything?

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