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If you're the selfie queen, have at it—this isn't about fitting a cookie-cutter mold, it's about presenting the best version of you.

One smart tactic is making sure the selfies are unique enough to still communicate something about yourself, like you on the summit of your favorite hike.

"That kind of approach can work because it gives people a witty opener, especially when it's a challenge," says Davis.

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"An online dating profile is still a first impression, and a disclaimer seems closed off," says Davis.So instead of saying you love to travel, you can say something about how you just got back from a trip to Thailand and are hoping to make it to Iceland in the new year."The more information you give, the easier it is for someone to connect with you," says Davis.Those sections asking you to describe yourself can be utterly baffling.Instead of resorting to statements like, "I don't really know what to write here" or "I like to travel," highlight what makes you different from everyone else.

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