Alice in wonderland dating game

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Will she a cut a new path as a cook's assistant?

Will she wipe away her past burdens as a low-level dishwasher? This demo consists of our game's prologue, where we introduce Alison, build the wondrous town of Mimsboro, and give players a glimpse of the Looking Glass crew.

: Lost Alice ” in the i Tunes App Store, Google Play, and Facebook.A Very Important Date was always planned for a mobile release, but giving free stories to backers for mobile seemed like it wasn’t going to be doable in our last try at Kickstarter because of Apple’s weird policies.So being under this impression, we kept the Stories/Epilogues tier rewards Steam exclusive for this campaign. Google Play’s policy has remained the same, which is great.Through the journey to regain your memories, you’ll meet the fated lover in wondrous world. We'll be answering questions and showing off some of the physical add-on rewards. We plan to have some of our team members on-call to help answer questions. You can either go to our Kickstarter to see more or you can go to the link below. I was looking through the tier info on the new Kickstarter and realized, other than the annoying spelling mistakes (Hoursefly? From my research last year, I knew that Google Play allowed 500 promo codes to developers every quarter for apps and in-app items, but Apple was finicky and only allowed codes for the app itself, not the in-app items, which didn’t help us.

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