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in many cases, the decoy is the first to bring up the subject of sex.” The web logs of their chats are published for all to see online.NBC takes this one step further in their series – the decoys convince their marks to visit their (especially camera rigged) houses, ostensibly for an evening of under-age sex.We see the men beg, plead, lie, and humiliate themselves like cornered animals, desperate and thinking it’s a private conversation. Hansen blatantly impersonates a law enforcement official to these poor saps–he addresses the men in language which can only be described as courteous officiousness; telling them to empty their pockets, keep their hands where he can see them, and insists the men sit down.Many of the men talking themselves into jail honestly believe they’re under arrest.When the men arrive they are lured into the house by the decoy, and several minutes later are ambushed by Chris Hansen. From dozens of camera angles we can see the “predators'” lust, surprise, confrontation, oppression, contrition, regret, fear, panic, and in the end to this perfect vouyeristic drama, their fall–take down arrest, and at times–for those who really appreciate the follow up blood, court arraignments.Throughout the decoy house confrontation the men generally have no idea they are being filmed from every angle.

From a gut perspective though, sex with a 15 year old seems like long way from the “child molestation” Hansen et al accuse their quarry of.The men’s private, deeply personal sexual emails are read back to them and to us in prurient nuggets of humiliation.And perhaps the most obnoxious part of the whole exercise is tall, looming, Chris Hansen’s righteous indignation about their emails and situation. Hansen delights in reading the web-logs; full of predictable, salacious, intimate details of the previous internet chats in all their deliciously filthy glory.The series has directly resulted in one suicide in Texas where a ‘predator’ employed by law enforcement shot himself rather than be caught in the sting.The Columbia Journalism Review referenced below detail the specifics of that case.

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