Adult bipolar chat room

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If you are having a suicide emergency call 911 or go to: OR National Crisis Line : 888-SUICIDE National Youth Crisis Line: 800-999-9999 Befrienders online (offers email support w/n 24hrs): online (also has email): peer support go to:

Support Following are some of the questions we're most often asked at the Harbor of Refuge.

I’m looking for a chat room for parents of bipolar teens, but can’t seem to find anything besides nasty talking, airwave cloggers!

Any sites that you are aware of such as support parents, etc.?

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Please use the e-mail link at the bottom of the page to submit them, and we'll do our best to answer them. If you're asking the question, it is possible that you might be bipolar. Simply put, you have a chemical imbalance that affects your brain. The messages going through your brain get sidetracked and take a round about way to get where they belong.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE FOR THE MEDICINE TO START HELPING ME FEEL BETTER? DOES HE REALLY THINK I AM LOSING IT, OR IS THIS PART OF MY TREATMENT? Many people pacify themselves in this way and may buy things they would not normally want, or they think that they deserve to splurge.

Hope it’s OK that I’m not confused or heart broken! They are not specific to parents of bipolar teens, but family members are welcome, and there’s a good chance that you will meet others such as yourself.

The only way to be sure that these chat rooms are free of trouble makers is to stop by and monitor what’s being said… 2 here is a small list of bipolar bulletin boards.

The symptoms are severe enough to impair social or occupational functioning, and sometimes hospitalization is needed. You may be told you are a rapid cycler, or it might be you are in a chat and hear someone say they are rapid cycling. *Caution, some hypomanic episodes can evolve into manic episodes. Suicidal thoughts are not a threat to your health in and of themselves, but a big concern to you as the person having these thoughts. Given the nature of this illness, people with bipolar disorder are at a much higher risk in terms of suicide than other people. If you find yourself having persistent suicidal thoughts, or making a definite plan, get help immediately -- let your trusted loved ones know, and call your doctor and/or a local crisis intervention helpline immediately.

This is when a person will have a mood swing, but instead of the mood staying for a longer time, their mood swings back. To a certain extent, having suicidal thoughts (also called suicidal ideation) is a part of being bipolar.

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