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Their specialty is multi course dinners on shared plates -- perfect for romantic dinners, and also checking if you can agree on what to order.

Beware that the service can be a bit absent-minded and you can never be sure in which order your orders will arrive (except dessert, that will come last) but you’re not in a rush anyway, right?

(that is a steak tartar gently singed on both sides) and share a bottle of red -- your server will have a suggestion if you ask.

Also, you have the option of a nightcap at one of the roucous bars further down the street -- try La folie en tête for the right cool, laid-back vibe.

Go for a hike or a run together, or rent bikes and zoom around the vast area, stopping here and there for the perfect Instagram shot.

In summer, you can rent boats by the artificial Mr. If you get bored just enjoying nature, there is the Fondation Louis Vuitton to tickle your senses with some interesting art, and the Jardin d’Acclimatation, an amusement park with rides and animals - all fun for both kids and adults, but there are also restaurants catering to your adult need of a stiff one when you get tired of overexcited kids. At the spearhead of Parisian bistronomy, and with the haute cuisine of their mothership fresh in memory, they serve up intelligent but effortless and breezy dishes in an equally effortless yet polished surrounding.

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In a hidden corner on the less touristy backside of Montmartre is a pretty, blue storefront, with a beautiful but tiny restaurant behind.Afterwards, the excellent and intimate wine bar of the suggestively named Le Boudoir for an interesting conversation over a glass of red, red wine.Take your date to Palais Garnier for a night at the ballet.Don’t be put off by how mundane that might sound, because there is lots to see: beautiful (and sometimes comical) gear worn by soldiers and their horses, interactive renderings of historic battles and even a taxidermy of Napoleon’s trusted white stallion Vizir, bearing the brand of the emperor on his hind leg.When your feet get tired, the Show your date a bit of your cultural side by taking him or her to the beautiful concert hall Salle Gaveau.

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